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SAR Prevention / Boating Safety

An important aspect of the mission of the RCM-SAR is to promote boating safety.  A determining factor in the prevention of search and rescue incidents is effective boater education.  Knowledgeable boaters are safe boaters and safe boaters are generally less likely to be involved in search and rescue incidents. The coastal waters and inland lakes and rivers of British Columbia are popular recreational destinations which attract thousand of boaters in a wide variety of craft from small open boats and kayaks to multi million dollar mega yachts.  The RCM-SAR has developed a variety of programs to convey the Boating Safety message to this broad range of recreational users.

Replacement PCOC Cards

Need to replace your damaged or lost Pleasure Craft Operators Card?

Just like your driver´s license, your cards do not last forever and will wear and crack over time. Remember you must have your Card on board with you while operating - fines start at $250. Please call 1(800) 665-4757 (for BC residents only) or 1-778-352-1780 Ext. 1 to request your new card. Replacement cards cost $20.00 and usually take about 2-3 weeks. We can takes VISA or MasterCard over the phone. Please feel free to email any questions.

If you choose to email us please provide the following information.
1. Proper spelling of your Family name that appears on the PCOC card.
2. Date of birth
3. Mailing Address
4. Daytime phone number and email address (we will call you regarding your credit card information)

Once your information has been verified, you will be contacted. Please allow 2-3 week for delivery of your replacement card via mail.

Pour nos membres francophones de la Garde côtière auxiliaire canadienne qui désire une carte de remplacement, veuillez s´il-vous-plaît contacter 1-418-626-3000 or par courriel à email, avec les informations suivantes:

1. Votre nom de famille, tel qu´il apparaît sur votre carte
2. Votre date de naissance
3. Votre adresse postale
4. Votre numéro de téléphone

Une fois que nous aurons vérifié ces informations, nous vous contacterons. S´il-vous-plaît, un délai de deux à trois semaines peut être requis pour obtenir votre carte de remplacement par la poste.

Replacement PCOC Cards
Pleasure Craft Operator Course

Pleasure Craft Operator Course

All boat operators of pleasure crafts fitted with a motor and
used for recreational purposes in Canada MUST have the Card.
Failure to do will result in fines of up to $250 or more.

Since the new regulations, course providers have noted that boaters
who follow a boating safety course have a much better chance of
being successful in passing Transport Canada PCOC test.

RCM-SAR strongly recommends the PCOC course
to help you pass the test and become a better boater.
The Card is good-for-life and is recognized across Canada and the US.
The course is provided by many of our stations please feel free to contact
a station close to you to arrange a course. If you need help locating a
course in your area please call 778-352-1780 Ext. 1 or email.

The RCM-SAR PCOC course includes the following topics:
  • Minimum safety equipment requirements required on board your boat;
  • The Canadian Buoy system;
  • How to share waterways;
  • A review of all pertinent regulations;
  • How to respond in an emergency situations.

Station PCOC Contact Email Address
Station 4 SquamishRon DrewryPlease Email
Station 10 RichmondAaron HarndenPlease Email
Station 12 Halfmoon BayJohn WisemanPlease Email
Station 14 GibsonsDave CudlippPlease Email
Station 20 Salish Sea (Pender Island)Elizabeth WilkesPlease Email
Station 25 Saltspring IslandPer SvendsenPlease Email
Station 29 LadysmithBrian CrompPlease Email
Station 33 Oak BayKim BentzonPlease Email
Station 37 SookeRob RoePlease Email
Station 39 Port AlberniIan ArkliePlease Email
Station 45 MassettChris AshurstPlease Email
Station 50 Port McNeillAaron FrostPlease Email
Station 54 Campbell RiverBrian RossPlease Email
Station 58 French CreekRandy MorrissPlease Email
Station 60 ComoxJim LinderbeckPlease Email
Station 64 Prince RupertMarko KesslerPlease Email
Station 102 Fraser ValleyJim MillerPlease Email


Do I need to take a course before I write the test?
Taking a boating safety course is strongly recommended regardless of age or experience.  However, you can challenge the test without taking a course. Please contact your local RCM-SAR station to find out more information. Or contact our main office at 250-480-2798.

Is an operator card just another word for a licence?

No, the operator card cannot be revoked and is therefore good for life!

Can my PCOC be replaced if lost or Stolen? If yes, what is the cost?
Yes, you can replace your card with CCGA-P at a cost of $20 this includes shipping.

Can I re-write the test if I fail the first time?
Yes, you can rewrite as often as required. The test can be written only once in every 24 hour period.

Is there a practical, on the water component to the test?
No, the course and exam are done in the classroom.

Do operators of Personal Watercraft require the card?
Yes, PWC operators are considered boaters and must follow the same rules and regulations

I took a boating safety course in the United States in 1980 and have a dated certificate. Is it an acceptable proof of competency?

No. The course must be taken in Canada.
Kids Don´t Float (KDF)

Kids Don´t Float (KDF)

The program features large boards with colourful graphics along with a supply of children´s PFDs (personal floatation devices).  These boards are erected at marinas, boat launching ramps, parks and swimming areas.  The program is run on an honour system and offers free day use of the PFDs.
These loaner stations for children´s PFDs (personal floatation devices) are very popular throughout the region and the Auxiliary receives many requests for new stations.  We now have over 22 KFD boards set up across the region.  Mustang Survival has come on board as a KDF partner and supplies the program with the PFDs.

The RCMP has also come on board the Kids Don´t Float program and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the RCM-SAR to place stations in remote communities on the coast.  Many of the children in these areas never wear a PFD while on the water.  The program gives the RCMP an opportunity to develop a non-enforcement profile with the children and youth in these communities while providing an important service.

Bobbie the Safety Boat

Bobbie the Safety Boat

Bobbie is a remotely controlled robot that can interact with children and adults while helping to teach boating and water safety.  The Bobbie program is very popular with children and adults and Bobbie travels widely throughout the region.  Bobbie makes many school visits each spring until the holidays begin.  As well Bobbie is very much in demand for visits to boat shows, parades, fairs, marine festivals and other water related events.  The RCM-SAR currently has a fleet of 8 Bobbies which are distributed to RCM-SAR Station in selected areas.  Currently the fleet is located in Kitimat, Powell River, Nanaimo, Victoria, Richmond, Penticton, and Shuswap.  The RCM-SAR  also has a number of Boating Safety trailers which are used to transport the Bobbies and also serve as boating safety displays at various public events.


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