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May 25th, 2015
May 25th, 2015

May 2016 Compass Newsletter

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May 2016 Compass - What's Inside.

• New CEO Pat Quealey describes his vision for collaboration and shared leadership.
• A “Who´s Who at HQ” includes new faces and new responsibilities for the management team.
• From fishboats to float planes: a busy season in Rescue Roundups.
• Kitimat´s Duncan Peacock is Crew Member of the Month.
• Two members talk about their once-in-a-lifetime RHIOT experience.
• And editor Tanis Harrison looks back on six years of Compass, and invites your feedback. ...

November 1st, 2014
November 1st, 2014

November 2014 Compass now available for download!

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November 2014 Compass for Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue

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