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SAR Prevention / Boating Safety

An important aspect of the mission of the RCM-SAR is to promote boating safety.  A determining factor in the prevention of search and rescue incidents is effective boater education.  Knowledgeable boaters are safe boaters and safe boaters are generally less likely to be involved in search and rescue incidents. The coastal waters and inland lakes and rivers of British Columbia are popular recreational destinations which attract thousand of boaters in a wide variety of craft from small open boats and kayaks to multi million dollar mega yachts.  The RCM-SAR has developed a variety of programs to convey the Boating Safety message to this broad range of recreational users.

Replacement PCOC Cards

Need to replace your damaged or lost Pleasure Craft Operators Card?

RCM-SAR (CCGA-P) is no longer an accredited PCOC course provider, therefore we cannot issue replacement PCOC cards.

Please contact the Office of Boating Safety and they will assist you in obtaining a new replacement card at:


We are sorry for any inconvenience.


RCM- SAR (GCAC -P ) est plus un fournisseur de cours de CCEP accrédité , donc nous ne pouvons pas émettre des cartes de CCEP de remplacement .

S'il vous plaît communiquer avec le Bureau de la sécurité nautique et ils vous aider à obtenir une nouvelle carte de remplacement à :


Nous sommes désolés pour tout inconvénient .
Replacement PCOC Cards
Kids Don´t Float (KDF)

Kids Don´t Float (KDF)

The program features large boards with colourful graphics along with a supply of children´s PFDs (personal floatation devices).  These boards are erected at marinas, boat launching ramps, parks and swimming areas.  The program is run on an honour system and offers free day use of the PFDs.
These loaner stations for children´s PFDs (personal floatation devices) are very popular throughout the region and the Auxiliary receives many requests for new stations.  We now have over 22 KFD boards set up across the region.  Mustang Survival has come on board as a KDF partner and supplies the program with the PFDs.

The RCMP has also come on board the Kids Don´t Float program and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the RCM-SAR to place stations in remote communities on the coast.  Many of the children in these areas never wear a PFD while on the water.  The program gives the RCMP an opportunity to develop a non-enforcement profile with the children and youth in these communities while providing an important service.

Bobbie the Safety Boat

Bobbie the Safety Boat

Bobbie is a remotely controlled robot that can interact with children and adults while helping to teach boating and water safety.  The Bobbie program is very popular with children and adults and Bobbie travels widely throughout the region.  Bobbie makes many school visits each spring until the holidays begin.  As well Bobbie is very much in demand for visits to boat shows, parades, fairs, marine festivals and other water related events.  The RCM-SAR currently has a fleet of 8 Bobbies which are distributed to RCM-SAR Station in selected areas.  Currently the fleet is located in Kitimat,  Nanaimo, Victoria, Richmond, Oak Bay, and Shuswap.  The RCM-SAR  also has a number of Boating Safety trailers which are used to transport the Bobbies and also serve as boating safety displays at various public events.


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