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Help Save Lives

Help Save Lives

Hopefully, you will never require the marine search and rescue services provided by our 1200 highly trained volunteers. But simply by living in or near British Columbiaīs coastal communities means that the chances are quite likely you will take a trip on or over water.

Perhaps you travel by ferry, seaplane or cruise ship. Perhaps your workplace involves marine shipping and transport. Perhaps you or a family member is involved with one of the many marine related industries in BC such as fishing, tourism or sea transport. All of these industries and travel sectors are vulnerable to the unpredictable nature of the sea.
At the same time as you read this page, one of our lifeboat crews may be suiting up right now to answer a call for help. It could be a mayday from a sinking pleasure boat, a fire on board a commercial vessel, or a flare spotted by someone from shore. Whatever the scenario, our volunteers are able, trained and ready to deal with the emergency at hand. How can you help? Itīs simple - give to Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, to keep our lifeboats running and our crews equipped with the tools needed to save lives.


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