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May 30th, 2007
May 30th, 2007

CCGA-P takes part in Variety´s Boat for Hope

The CCGA-P is once again taking part in Variety - the Children´s Charity´s Boat for Hope, a day of fun on water and on land for children with special needs. Boat for Hope takes place on June 2 in Victoria and June 9 in Vancouver, with local CCGA-P units playing the roles of pirates “toting their water canons and looking for victims”.  Unit members will also be supporting the land portion of the event, which involves activities for the kids such as petting zoos, carnival games, and boat building.

Created in 1999, Boat for Hope has two primary purposes: to share the boating experience with special needs children who might not otherwise have an opportunity to go boating, and to raise funds for Variety - The Children´s Charity. Along with the CCGA-P, members of the Canadian Coast Guard, the local police, the RCMP, and other community groups help to make Boat for Hope an unforgettable experience for the children involved. Funds raised through Boat for Hope help pay for specialized equipment, medical treatment and therapies, and in some cases travel expenses so that parents can be with their children in times of need.  

This year´s event will be Victoria´s third and Vancouver´s ninth, with Kelowna holding its very first Boat for Hope on June 16.

For more information on Boat for Hope and the Variety Club, please go to their website:

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