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October 12th, 2005
October 12th, 2005

ISAR 2005

International Marine Search and Rescue Competition

ISAR 2005 in Halifax
ISAR 2005 in Halifax
CCGA-P Auxiliary members again showed their remarkable skills as they led the pack at the 5th Annual International SAR Competition in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 30th & October 1st, 2005.

The Annual ISAR Competition, held alternately in Canada and the U.S., brings together members from both Coast Guard Auxiliaries. The competition tests not only the seamanship and SAR skills of the auxiliary volunteers, but also their teamwork, organization, and leadership skills. Canadian and US ISAR teams are made up of the top performers from regional SAR competitions.
Despite being split into separate teams, the five members from the Pacific Region all walked away with medals.

Pacific Team Captain Scott Baker (Unit 12 - Halfmoon Bay, BC) who used the great mariner skills of Sidney Clare (Unit 14 - Gibsons, BC) and Campbell Good (Unit 33 - Oak Bay, BC), won the On-Water SAREX with a near perfect score.

Pacific Team Member Shawn Burchett (Unit 1 - Howe Sound, BC), designated as a member of Team Canada, won 2 events; SAR Communications and Marlinspike, with the assistance of his crew: Rob LeBlanc (Quebec Region) and Herb Paetzold (Central & Arctic Region). The team led Team Canada to win both the National trophy and the overall 2005 ISAR trophy for the first time in ISAR history.

Kellei Bulmer (Unit 12 - Halfmoon Bay, BC) was randomly selected to become a member of one of the Can-Am teams. She was placed with the 2 oldest members in the Can-Am competition including one octogenarian. Kellei led her team to win two events: Marlinspike and SAR Pump. Their overall performance earned them the trophy for the best Can-Am team for ISAR 2005.

Along with all the medals and accolades, the five CCGA-P members brought home memories and experiences to last a lifetime.

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