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January 3rd, 2006
January 3rd, 2006

CCGA-P Unit 20 Salish Sea -- New Station

Open House and Dedication Ceremony on January 28

It is with considerable pleasure that Unit 20/Salish Sea of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific Region (CCGA-P) announces the arrival of our new float and station, moored by our emergency response vessel, the Nu-to-Yu II, at Port Browning.   This station means that we will be warm and dry as we get ready to respond to a marine emergency.  It gives us a space to store our gear, a place to complete our paperwork, and somewhere to get warm after having been out on the water in the cold and the rain.

Once again, our sincerest thanks to all those in the community (Pender Island Community Services, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 239, and the Pender Island Lions Club) who have supported this venture financially - we couldnīt have done it without this support.  Many thanks also to Lou Henshaw at Port Browning, and Brian Elliott and John Maleta at Sound Passages, for giving us space to moor our boat and station.  

We will be having an Open House and Dedication Ceremony on January 28, at 11:00am, down at Port Browning Marina.  The community is welcome to come and explore the station, have a look at the boat, and discover just what it is that we do!  For more information, call 629-6252 or contact

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