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May 23rd, 2006
May 23rd, 2006

Advanced Crew Log Book

Dear Unit Leaders & Training Officers,

CCGA-P Training Log Book
CCGA-P Training Log Book
Dear Unit Leaders & Training Officers,
The Advanced Standards is now complete and the Coxswain standards is almost complete. You can view the Advanced Standards at
We are now looking at printing the log book inserts for these pages and re-printing the regular Crew Log Book. We want feedback from all unit leaders and training officers on how the log book is working and how we can best serve the members in terms of tracking their training. Please review the following questions with your unit leader/training officer and respond as quickly as possible. Any additional feedback is appreciated.
Can you please confirm what percentage of your unit members use the log book?
Is the format user friendly? If not, do you have any suggestions?
Now that the SAR Management System is up and running will some of your members choose to track their training on-line rather than on paper?
Will some members track it online, but still want to print it off and add it to the log book?
The units/support societies may need to help cover the costs for these log books. Does $8 seem like a reasonable amount to pay for a Crew Log Book? (This could be budgeted for in gaming requests).
Thanks for your input.
Rebecca Penz
Special Projects Officer
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary-Pacific
25 Huron Street
Victoria, BC V8V 4V9
(250) 480-2731

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