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August 19th, 2005
August 19th, 2005

Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check Request

Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check is a FREE service provided by the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary to assist you, the owner of a small craft vessel up to 20M, in maintaining your vesselīs safety equipment at standards acceptable to the marine environment.

A trained member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary will board your vessel, at your invitation, and conduct a thorough check of all the safety equipment required to be carried on board according to the Canada Shipping Act, Small Vessel Regulations and Collision Regulations. The Check includes making sure the equipment is present and in good working condition. As well a check of optional safety and navigational equipment, will be carried out. The member will also discuss general safety awareness and safe boating p ractices.

A Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check can take from 15 to 30 minutes.

Upon successful completion of the Check, a decal will be issued, which should be displayed on the vessel. Some boaters worry that they will not successfully complete the Check. You should not be concerned about this. The Member will offer suggestions that can assist you in remedying any deficiencies.


The objective of the Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check program is to advise and improve your safety and enjoyment while on the water. Your co-operation in having a Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check is much appreciated. It shows that you are a responsible boater who cares for those on board your vessel.

A Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check is not mandatory or required by law. However the LAW REQUIRES CARRIAGE OF THE PRESCRIBED SAFETY EQUIPMENT.

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