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December 6th, 2006
December 6th, 2006

Bobbie the Safety Boat teaches kids

Bobbie the Safety Boat is visiting Prince Rupert for a few months.
Bobbie is a remotely controlled robot that interacts with kids and adults and teaches them about boating and water safety.
Operators use a remote control device to activate Bobbie´s movements as well as a voice-altering headset to give a 15 minute prepared message on boat safety. Participants are also given booklets on boat safety and have opportunities to try on personal flotation devices.
Geoff Gould, President of the Prince Rupert Marine Rescue Society - Unit 64 Coast Guard Auxiliary was on hand last week to introduce Bobbie to the Kanata Cubs.
Geoff says that Bobbie the Safety Boat offers a fun and educational way to bring about boating safety awareness in our community. The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific´s (CCGA-P) mission is to provide marine rescue service and promote public boating safety within the Pacific region.
CCGA-P has a fleet of eight Bobbies in areas such as Kitimat, Powell River, Nanaimo, Victoria, Richmond, Penticton, and Shuswap. Bobbie is very much in demand and appears at many schools and public events such as parades, fairs, and marine festivals. Bobbie the Safety Boat is modeled after his American counterpart in the United States "Coastie" who has made successful presentations at schools and public events.
Geoff has showcased Bobbie at community events such as Halloween Fest and has featured Bobbie at various schools and organizations such as Kanata Cubs and Pineridge Beavers. He invites organizations and schools to call at 624-4138 to book Bobbie for a fun and lively presentation on boating safety.
Kids can also visit the CCGA-P website at http://www.ccga-pacific/org and click on "Boating Safety" and then scroll to "Bobbie the Safety Boat" for a Bobbie colouring and activity book.

- article by Chantal Cornwall, The Northern View

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