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March 8th, 2007
March 8th, 2007

Mark Livingstone
Mark Livingstone
Members of the CCGA-P:
In light of the recent passing of Unit 38 Unit Leader Mark Livingstone, I would like to share some of Mark´s accomplishments with you. Mark had been the unit leader of Unit 38 Long Beach for 12 years. He was a founding member of the Pacific Rim Marine Search and Rescue Society. Mark´s work on behalf of his fellow mariners was demonstrated in many ways. He worked for 15 years, until recently, for the Canadian Coast Guard as a radio operator at the local MCTS station. He worked to raise funds and place a 733 vessel in Ucluelet. He then went on to raise further funds, replaced his existing 733 with another and donate his previous vessel to the CCGA-P to be used in the North in Masset. Mark was also instrumental in sending any surplus equipment that he had to other units that were in need of equipment.

Mark recognized the need for a boathouse to cover the Long Beach FRV. He convinced locals within the Long Beach area to donate most of the materials and then he, almost single-handedly, with the help of his daughters, built it. It stands today in Ucluelet Harbour protecting the vessel that Mark and his fellow unit members worked so hard to make available in such a small community.
Mark´s passing was a tragic ending for a passionate volunteer who dedicated much of his life to the CCGA-P. Mark leaves behind his wife Doris, and three daughters, Kerri, Melissa, and Laura. Our payers go out to them for their loss.
The memorial for Mark is in Ucluelet at the Recreation Centre at 1300 on Saturday, March 10. It´s just off Seaplane Base Road as you come into town just past the Petro Canada station. If you start up the hill past the Canadian Princess (the ship) you´ve gone too far.

I hope to see some of you there to honour this hardworking, dedicated member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary-Pacific.
Bruce Falkins

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