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Search and Rescue Volunteers

Join the CCGA-P

The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Pacific Region) welcomes new volunteers to assist with marine search and rescue, to conduct safety examinations of pleasure craft, as well as other boating safety activities and initiatives.

If any of these areas are of interest to you, please call our Head Office at (778) 352-1780 and we will be happy to provide contact information for the Station Leader nearest to you.

Map of the Coast Guard Auxiliary UnitsMap of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Units

Initial criteria required for a crew member in Search and Rescue Operations:
  • Marine Experience (prefered)
  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card

After joining, a crew member will require:
  • Radio Operators Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate (with CPR level C)

Coast Guard Auxiliary Units

The CCGA-Pīs over 1000 volunteer members are committed to serve one of 51 community-based stations throughout the Region. Each unit recruits from the communities it serves, to ensure that SAR and Boating Safety services are reflective to local needs. Some SAR units have community-owned vessels, while others provide SAR services through Dedicated Owner/Operator vessels. Collectively over 60 vessels are available through the CCGA-P for marine Search and Rescue in the Pacific Region.

List of Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific Units


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